Indice d’Attractivité du Territoire - Edition mai 2019 1


Rapport - France - 24 May, 2019



Nearly 69% of the 1,652 CEEs who responded to this sixth edition (i.e. a very satisfactory reply rate of 37%), believe the country’s attractiveness has slightly or seriously deteriorated over the past year. This sentiment, running counter to the improvement expressed last year, logically reflects on a logically smaller scale, the results of the Global Index – built on scoring criteria such as taxation and quality of life. At 62 points, it falls between the very stable level that existed with the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions (60 points) and the 2018 level (64 points). France still relies on the same strengths (cost of energy and infrastructure, quality of work force, quality of life, capacity for innovation and research, etc.) and certainly suffers from the same weaknesses such as taxation or the prevailing social climate, which has become the most poorly rated criterion, undoubtedly because of the Yellow Vests crisis. Expectations vis-a-vis the executive branch remain nonetheless high, particularly as concerns the creation of a flat tax on corporations and the lowering of employee payroll taxes.

Furthermore, for the first time this edition takes an interest in the attractiveness of different French territories. It concludes that investors would build their investment options by firstly looking closely at the appeal factors of regions or metropolitan areas, then at factors for France as a whole.