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More about French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE’s)



Present in 146 countries, CCEs form an active network of over 4,000 members at the service of French companies around the world.

Selected for their competence and their international experience, the 'Conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France' (CCE - French Foreign Trade Advisor) are appointed for three years through a prime ministerial decree, on the recommendations of the Minister for Foreign Trade. For more than 115 years, on a voluntary basis, they have been placing their experience at the service of France's economic presence around the world.

CCEs in France
1,400 CCEs, specialists in international trade, established in every region in France
As directors of export companies and executives at large companies, they place their practical knowledge of international markets at the service of SMEs (guidance when required, networking, longer-term projects, launch of events organised by the CCEs, etc.) and young people (cf. training roles). They have a special working relationship with local and consular authorities and with professional bodies (DGT, Business France, chambers of commerce, Medef International, Coface, Bpifrance, etc.) which promote foreign trade and the appeal of France.

CCEs around the world
2,800 CCEs, expatriates, executives and company directors, established in 146 countries
They have daily experience of dealing with the opportunities and risks of the world's markets and they have extensive, hands-on, concrete and very practical information to share. CCEs organise regional colloquiums, conferences and symposiums, normally in partnership with the main institutional stakeholders (regional economic services, Business France, French chambers of commerce abroad, economic advisory units within embassies, etc.) These exchanges enable CCEs and economic decision-makers (French and international) to compare and share their experiences and their analyses. They work to enhance the profile of France and to promote its appeal.

An open network
The CCE network also seeks to draw on the skills of both European and non-European company directors as well as experts operating outside the world of business, teachers, opinion leaders and NGO managers (as 'complementary members' or 'partner figures').


The National CCE Committee
The Comité national des conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France (CNCCEF), which enjoys public utility status under French law, brings together the CCEs and provides them with the working framework which they require to carry out their mission effectively. There are 16 permanent staff members at its head office, led by a chief executive.

The CCE Club
The Club is a meeting venue for the more than 2,800 network members and regularly hosts prominent figures from the worlds of economics, politics and the press for friendly gatherings, lunches and breakfasts / debates which are highly popular.
The Club also organises events on a cultural theme for its members (exhibition visits, concerts, etc.). To find out more about CCE Club activities, visit:

'CCE International', the magazine with the keys to international commerce (bi-monthly)
From the choice of themes to the compiling of dossiers, each publication showcases the extensive day-to-day experience of the CCEs, whether they are the international heads of major companies or the bosses of SMEs. With input from economists and experts, 'CCE International' also gives an accurate and diverse picture of how markets are changing and of the principal business sectors.

Our partners

FRANCE'S INTERNATIONAL TEAM with the CCEs, foreign trade advisors for France:

- Bpifrance (public investment bank);
- Business France (national agency supporting the international development of the French economy and promoting the international investment in France);
- CCI International - Uccife (chambers of commerce and industry, in France and abroad);
- Coface;
- DGT (the French government's economic policy unit);
- OSCI (federation representing French international entrepreneurs);
- Pacte PME International (a body facilitating links between SME's and large companies).

- Adit (European market leader in strategic intelligence);
- Conseil supérieur de l'Ordre des experts comptables (Council of Chartered Accountants);
- Ecti senior professionals ;
- Medef International, etc...

To find out about the latest CCE news, access their projects and publications, and identify the expert best placed to answer your questions, visit our website.


CCEs (French foreign trade advisors) oversee 'sensitive' foreign trade dossiers. At the heart of international markets and experts in their own field, they provide information, analyses and recommendations on the challenges of world trade and on specific markets to public authorities, whose decision-making they inform.

CCEs share their expertise with companies, in particular with SMEs, whom they sponsor and support on a voluntary basis in their international development. They contribute their hands-on knowledge and enable SMEs to understand more easily all aspects of an export strategy and how to exploit the channels which will facilitate their international development.

CCEs assist numerous educational establishments in raising young people's awareness of international careers (first person accounts, juries, tutoring, etc.) and in promoting the VIE internship programme.

... the appeal of France for international investment
CCEs help to enhance the image of France abroad in their dealings with company directors and local economic authorities and, where appropriate, facilitate decisions to invest in France.


  • Over 4,000 French business men and women
  • In 146 countries
  • 29 committees in the regions and départements of France
  • 7 geographical commissions
  • Over 110 sections around the world
  • 4 national commissions and around twenty expertise groups


Comité national des conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France (CNCCEF)

22 avenue Franklin Roosevelt - BP 303 - 75365 Paris cedex 08 - France

Phone : +33 (0)1 53 83 92 92 - Fax. +33 (0)1 53 83 92 99

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